Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bang the Irish Drum every Monday at Kytelers

Irish Beats is a unique tourism experience, in which visitors participate in a Bodhrán lesson and get to play under the expert tutelage of our instructor Damien Walsh.

No matter their music ability (or lack of it), tourists aged from 4 to 94 are encouraged to have a go and as they listen, watch and then copy, their confidence grows and smiles start to appear. Having been shown and practised a variety of beats and techniques, the groups, led by their instructor, play along to a backing track.

‘If every music teacher was as funny as Damian, you’d have a nation of musicians in no time’ RTE

Music crosses borders and even if the tourists have a limited grasp of English, they are quick to pick up the beat and techniques required. Before long, feet are tapping and the enjoyment of achieving a great tune in such a short space of time is obviously evident.

Those involved in the experience clearly relish exploring the finer points of Ireland’s native drum, including its origin, structure and contribution to Irish music. As their travels through Ireland continue and they watch live music in other venues, they will have an appreciation and understanding of what’s involved, because they too have been a performer - if only for a short while.

Irish Beats with Damien commences in May, running every Monday and Tuesday @ 6.30pm until the end of September in Kytelers Inn Top Bar. Watch Damien showcase the Irish Bodhran and then join in on the fun.

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